Schengen Visa is a unique Tourist Visa that authorizes transit or planned stay within member states of Schengen Area for maximum 3 months in a 6 month period. Indian nationals can apply for a Schengen Tourist Visa at the Embassy of any 1 one of 26 member states. As of now, there are 26 member states of the Schengen Area. Out of these, 22 are member states of the European Union.Indian passport holders who intend to apply for the Schengen Visa must first become familiar with requirements of the application process. They must also be aware of the Schengen visa fees for Indian passport holders.

Schengen tourist visa requirements from India in terms of the necessary documents are:

  • Completely filled Schengen Visa application form. Applicants can also fill a digital form and then take a printout
  • 2 photographs of passport format attached to the form. They must be latest photos with a light background and whole-face capture
  • Copies of passport along with copies of past visas and passport must be valid for minimum 90 days after the date of return and have minimum 2 blank pages
  • Confirmation of travel visa assurance of minimum 30,000 Euros within the complete Schengen zone
  • A covering letter that states the purpose of arrival and itinerary
  • Flight itinerary reservation having dates and flight numbers that specify arrival and exit from the specific member state/states
  • Evidence of accommodation for the complete duration of the planned stay
  • Evidence for civil status – birth certificate of children, marriage certificate, spouse death certificate, ration card if applies
  • Proof of adequate finances for the period of stay


Indians who intend to stay in Germany for more than 3 months will require a visa to arrive at the nation – Student Visa in the case of students. Students are advised not to arrive in Germany on a Tourist Visa. The reason is that it cannot be upgraded into Residence Permit once the student arrives in the nation.

Applicants for Germany Student Visa must apply for the visa at the earliest. They must apply minimum 90 days prior to the intended arrival to the nation. Prospective students to Germany can avail services of Germany visa consultants to obtain detailed guidance and assistance for securing the visa.

Overseas students who intend to obtain the Germany Student Visa must be able to provide the Enrolment Certificate from the university that has accepted them. Proof of having registered with authorities, valid evidence for adequate finances, and health insurance must also be offered by them.

Germany Student Visa processing time:

A minimum of 4 weeks to 8 -12 weeks can be taken by the German Immigration Offices for processing your Germany Visa application. It must be noted that the German Consulate General has no influence whatsoever on the actual times for visa processing. Once the visa can be issued, you will be notified regarding the same.


Schengen Work Visa mandates that any individual who intends to be employed in the Schengen nations must first obtain a Residence Permit in the form of a visa. Wherever required, the work permit will be included in the visa. Citizens of nations those are not exempt from the Schengen Visa requirement must apply and obtain a Residence Visa before arriving in the area for purposes of the job. Germany work visa for Indians mandates that any Indian national who intend to arrive in Germany for work must first apply for an Employment Visa from a competent German mission. Upon arrival to Germany, the visa will be transformed into a Residence plus Work Visa by the immigration authorities. The application for a visa will be submitted by the German mission to the local migration officials for the approval where you intend to stay in Germany. The visa processing time is approximately 6 to 11 weeks. A Germany work permit visa fee is approximately around 60 Euros.